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Hello! My name is Marina, I am a personal fitness trainer. With me, your self-care is under professional supervision around the clock, with an individual training plan.
My skills
Higher education in sports (International Sports Academy, graduation 2004), 12 years of practice in sports.
I am the winner of the 2014 National Boxing Championships in Boston in the women's boxing competition in the lightweight category.
I have been working as a trainer for 10 years, I work with children and adults.
I actively participate in urban races for long distances.

I have wide knowledge not only in the field of sports, but also in sports medicine.
I am constantly developing in various sports areas.
Body and weight control
Each organism has its own characteristics. I will develop a unique program for you, help to distribute the load and control nutrition.
More details
I will prepare for the competition
This is a special program for advanced athletes. If you are looking for more professional increase, I will create a special intensified programs for you.
More details
This is a program for recovering from serious injuries or an accident. Classes are held in the hall and on the street. The program is also individually compiled and depends on the complexity of the damage.
More details
It doesn't matter how many times you fall. Only one thing matters: how many times have you decided to climb.
Balanced program
I examine the health of each client and the physical capabilities of the body. I will create a training program specifically for you.
Proper nutrition is always half the battle for success. I will create a special menu for everyone.
Online coach
What does it mean? I am always in touch with you via WhatsApp or Viber. You can call and talk about your training or how you felt all day.
Work with a professional
I am a certified trainer with 12 years of experience in sports.
Here you can see the reviews of my students. They already have excellent athletic success!
Sign up for your first workout
Leave a request for the first training. I will contact you within an hour.
I offer first-class training with a unique program. Contact me to ask your questions.
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